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Your Garden is Twinned!

We are pleased to welcome you to our amazing community of gardeners! By twinning your garden with another in rural Migori, Kenya, you are growing side by side with a family in rural Africa and planting hope for the future.

We’d love to tell you more about amazing impact, plus some tips you can try out in your own garden.

By gardening together, you are supporting our Women of Migori project in Kenya. Over the next three years we will work alongside families as they improve the quality of their land so they can grow plentiful fruit and vegetables all year round.

Passionate about gardening

From growing crops in the unused space around the home to keyhole gardens, we’re often amazed by the quantity and variety of fresh vegetables that can be produced on even just a small piece of land.

Meet our Farm Systems Coordinator Sheila, to find out more about what a keyhole garden is and how they are helping families in Uganda to grow vegetables.

A bag garden is a simple way to grow vegetables in a small space, whether in Africa or here in your garden. A hessian sack is filled with a mixture of soil and compost around a column of stones with space for vegetables to grow out the sides and top!

Make your own bag garden!

A step-by-step guide to making a bag garden at home.

  • An interview with Charles Dowding: No Dig Gardening

    Charles started growing vegetables in 1981, and just a year later, he started to explore no dig growing methods. His harvest results illustrate how vegetables are healthier when grown on no dig beds where the soil is left undisturbed and the surface fed with organic matter such as compost.

    Families working with Send a Cow learn how to improve the quality of their land through making and using compost. This can increase their yields hugely and help the soil to absorb water which protects against drought.

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Meet Caroline

Caroline has been part of a Send a Cow project in western Kenya for three years. With hard work and determination, she has learned and implemented the practical solutions she needs to grow enough to eat and lift her family out of poverty. Read more about Caroline's amazing story.

Caroline Women of Migouri Project Kenya

“Making compost has helped my hugely. I practice intercropping and crop rotation to improve soil fertility and health. Our crops are organic and healthy. I am now passing on what I know and training my neighbours in techniques such as how to make a keyhole garden. I am proud of the knowledge I have gained. Working with Send a Cow has made me love myself and recognise what I can do to improve my living standards.””

Caroline Partnering with Send a Cow's Improving Nutrition Project, Kenya