Will You Pass on a Healthy Harvest?

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Will you help pass on a healthy harvest to mothers like Leah and their children this autumn?

The climate crisis is destroying livelihoods in rural Africa, leaving families like Leah's hungry and unable to escape poverty. But with your support, it doesn't have to be this way.

Leah lives in rural Migori, Kenya on a small plot of land. She grows maize and bananas but faces a daily struggle to grow enough to eat and earn an income. She struggles to keep her children, including Esther, in school.

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“I didn't get the chance to further my education, but I want my children to be able to raise their status by going to school.”

Leah Kenya
However, this season, there hasn’t been enough rain. The earth is desperately dry and dusty. Leah knows as a result, her harvest will be poor. How will she feed her family if she can’t grow enough to eat?

Not only are families like Leah’s struggling with the effects of the climate crisis, they are also faced with the immediate and long-term implications of coronavirus. With the growing risk of becoming sick, and restrictions on travel to markets in place; families like Leah’s could struggle to access seeds and other necessities.

They risk losing their livelihoods and slipping further into poverty. But with your support, it doesn’t have to be this way. Where there is land, there is hope.

Families like Leah’s already have all the resources they need. She just needs a helping hand to learn how to get the most from her land, and ensure her children can have the future they deserve.


“I didn’t get the chance to further my education, but I want my children to be able to raise their status by going to school.”

Leah Kenya

With a gift from you today, you can help pass on a healthy harvest to mothers like Leah, their children and entire communities. Here’s how:

Grow a healthy harvest

Mothers like Leah will learn organic farming skills to establish sustainable and productive farms to feed the whole family. She will adopt practical solutions such as composting and rainwater harvesting to nourish their land, grow more and produce a healthy harvest for years to come.

Implement nature-based solutions

Families like Leah’s will learn how to diversify their farms and use drought-resistant seeds to grow better and more abundant crops. Companion planting and other nature-based solutions will mean families like Leah's can better control pests and weeds that often damage their crops.

Give her children a brighter future

Over time, families like Leah’s will be growing more than her own family needs so she will be able to sell the surplus for a vital income. This income will mean she can pay for their children’s school fees and other necessities such as healthcare and home improvements. With vital income, Leah will be able to keep her children in school.

Send a Cow's approach is unique and creates lasting change. Every family that we work with promises to pass on something from their time working alongside Send a Cow to another family in the local community. This could be seeds, tools, livestock or knowledge to help them to get the most from their own land.

When we talk about passing on a healthy harvest today, it means that your gift today doesn't just stop with helping one mother like Leah. Your donation will be felt for years to come as knowledge is passed from family to family, community to community, and from generation to generation.

Your gift will make a huge difference for women like Leah this harvest time. You'll also be helping to provide a healthy harvest in communities like hers for years to come.

Thank you for everything you help make possible as part of the Send a Cow family.