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Standard Bank

Throughout our partnership, Send a Cow has worked closely with Standard Bank to create mutually beneficial opportunities to reach different audiences within their offices in Jersey, the Isle of Man, Kenya and Uganda. In 2019, Standard Bank completed their three-year commitment to fund the Rakai Orphans Project in Uganda.

Following a project visit to Uganda in October 2019, the company also made a gift to support an additional project focused on social inclusion of people with disabilities, which fits with the company’s Social, Economic and Environmental (SEE) Strategy around diversity and inclusion. You can find out more about that project here.

One of the key strengths of this partnership is employee engagement. 82 employees joined our Relay for Hope challenge in 2021, travelling an incredible 14,000 miles and raising over £14,000. The partnership continues to grow, and we enjoy building relationships with the company’s colleagues and clients to fulfil its partnership objectives.

““Seeing the impact of the projects first-hand has confirmed my belief that by partnering with Send a Cow, Standard Bank Offshore Group’s funding improves the lives of African communities, drives positive impact in its SEE focus areas and contributes to numerous Sustainable Development Goals in the most direct, effective and sustainable way.””

Jen Bronte-Hearne, Programme Lead for SEE at Standard Bank United Kingdom