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Home is Where the Garden is

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Will you help a refugee family grow a place to call home?

While many of us enjoy the safety of home, for families like Christine’s fleeing conflict and violence, home and safety can feel far away. Christine, a refugee from South Sudan, lives in the Palabek Refugee Settlement in Uganda with her children. Due to ongoing conflict in her home country, she had no other option than to flee.

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““My journey to Uganda was not very easy. We left South Sudan at a time when the rebel activity had made life terrible. It took us over 15 hours of walking, sometimes we had to walk through the bush.””

Christine Uganda

Arriving in the settlement, often with just the clothes on their backs, families like Christines rely on the kindness of strangers to welcome them to their new community.

Will you donate today and help a family like Christine’s grow a place to call home? A place of safety, friendship and community.

At the settlement, Christine received a small plot of land and each month, food rations. Determined to rebuild her life, she constructed a hut for her family. But the land around her hut is desperately bare and dry. With little food, no source of income and degraded soil, Christine and her children face huge challenges; they are struggling to survive.

Christine and her children sit in front of their house

“"I have five children to feed. It is not easy. The food rations are not even enough to last a month. Right now, I have nothing in the house.””

Christine Uganda
It doesn’t have to be this way. With your support, we’ll work with refugees and the local community to grow a brighter future from the land. Here’s how:
By learning how to create a kitchen garden families like Christine's can start to grow nutritious vegetables to feed the whole family. Once families are growing enough, they can start to think about selling the surplus in their new community and setting up small businesses. Having arrived at the settlement with few belongs, the income they earn can buy essentials like soap and clothes. Families like Christine's will also learn how to make home improvements such as an energy saving stove, a clean latrine and a tip tap, a simple homemade structure used for handwashing where there is no running water.

Your support today could help families like Christine’s grow enough to eat, grow a place to call home and go after their dreams. Thank you.