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Wondwossen Teshome


Wondwossen Teshome is the Communications and Marketing Co-ordinator in Ethiopia.

Wondwossen has four children and together with his wife Kidist, he takes a hand-on approach to parenting. Since the birth of eldest, he’s worked hard to be the best dad possible: ‘‘I wanted to raise my children appropriately with the right knowledge and skills,” he explains.

But when Wondwossen discovered there were few publications in Ethiopia to help him be a better parent, he invested over £4000 of his own money to research, write and publish the 400 page Behaviours of Children and Parenting Wisdom in the national language, Amharic.

"As a father of four, I’ve always been interested in different parenting styles, which led me to write a book. During the day I would go to work at Send a Cow. In the evenings I would help my older children with their homework and play with the younger ones. I would work on the book after they had gone to bed, from 8:30pm – 11pm every night for around two and a half years. I’d also use my weekends and annual leave to carry out research, write and edit."

"As part of my research I spent time with members of the Awra Amba – a unique community made up of around 400 people in northern Ethiopia. Their style of parenting and treatment of women and girls is unique in a country where women are generally subservient to men and restricted by cultural norms."

"In stark contrast to other areas, the whole family freely discusses ideas and plans together, there is no corporal punishment or child marriage, and girls have equal access to education as boys – it was incredibly refreshing to see."