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“We wanted to say to God, this person is a human being.”


On a recent trip to western Kenya, I was struck by the love and compassion of one particular group I met.

The Nasira Support Group began working with Send a Cow earlier this year. When I visited, they insisted I went to see Millicent and Joseph, who are members of the group.

Before working with Send a Cow, Millicent and Joseph’s children had dropped out of school, their home had no pit latrines, they felt isolated, and they had been struggling to feed their family.

Millicent and Joseph both have learning difficulties. The support group recognised their need for additional support, helping them with their farming and putting them forward for every opportunity of extra training. The group said:

“We wanted to say to God, this person is a human being.”

Millicent and Joseph now have drip irrigation on their farm and are part of our ‘cash for crops’ research programme – experimenting with different fodder crops to see which crop grows most successfully.

It was so inspiring to see how the Nasiri Support Group have come together to help this family. It was motivated by love and concern for one another.

Paul Stuart, CEO