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Time for a change


At Send a Cow, we’ve faced a challenge for a while; how do we communicate all that we do, without abandoning our roots?

We were set up by a group of dairy farmers in response to the Ugandan government’s appeal to end famine. Sending their dairy cows to Uganda was where the charity began, but we’ve grown significantly since 1988, and through our practical people-centred approach, we’ve helped over 2 million people lift themselves out of poverty.

The last time we changed our brand was back in 2008 and recent research showed that it was time for a change. As much as many of our existing supporters loved our old logo, many also thought that we were ready for a refresh.

Sustainable agriculture is absolutely key to ending poverty, but so too are people themselves; people are what give rural Africa its infectious energy. This new look is about celebrating our project participants, their achievements, and reflecting more accurately what Send a Cow does today.

In changing our brand, we also hope to attract new supporters and appeal to younger audiences. We also want to celebrate our existing supporters who have helped bring hope to so many people. Giving thousands of families futures free from hunger is a real achievement, which we couldn’t have done without these amazing people.

We’re extremely grateful to a committed Send a Cow supporter for paying for the design and development of our new brand. This brand isn’t about changing our highly effective approach, but it will enable us to tell our story so that it excites people as much as it does our staff and supporters. Excitement is no exaggeration, as I discovered when I met one of our project participants, Mama Pauline in the street in Kenya!

The visual elements in our new brand have been inspired by textures, colours and designs from across sub-Saharan Africa. We hope you agree that the new look reflects the energy of the rural communities we work with, and will inspire people to support more families in rural Africa to grow their own futures.

In a nutshell, the vibrancy of the colours, the graphics and the images we’ve chosen will tell the story of the change that takes place in peoples’ lives, their families’ lives, and eventually throughout their whole communities.

Rural Africa is rich with opportunity, and with initial help, families can grow enough food, earn a living and go after their dreams – it’s definitely something to celebrate. We hope you’ll join us in our celebration, and our mission to bring long lasting change to the communities we support.

Paul Stuart, CEO