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Paul Stuart


Paul Stuart has been with Send a Cow for over five years and was appointed CEO in January 2017.

What’s been your biggest highlight working for Send a Cow?

It has to be my visits to the teams and projects in Africa. Every time I come back from visiting the communities and families we work with I meet people who inspire me or teach me something new. I also love how often the stories of transformation come with humour. One family I met in Uganda talked about how people laughed when they saw all the work they had been putting into their big empty cow shed, but they believed, and when they were ready and received their cow, they named her ‘Let them laugh’!

Who has been one of the most inspirational people you’ve met?

I do not wish to highlight one person in particular, but rather to acknowledge the wonderful work done by the Send a Cow extension workers. Whenever I visit farmer groups, I see the depth of relationship, trust, respect and love which they have for the extension workers, and rightly so! It is because of them that I hear testimonies like ‘Our eyes were opened. By working we can achieve’, ‘They are like someone who helps you when you are lost to find a way’, ‘The biggest thing is training. Changing the mind and how we think about the land’.

How would you describe Send a Cow in three words?

Hope Together Transformation

What would you like to say to our supporters?

As I stood in the pulpit at our Wells Cathedral 30th celebration last month and looked down on the sea of our supporters in front of me, I was quite overcome with their joy, love and generosity to us. I would say to our supporters thank you so much, and together we can and are playing a huge part in transforming the lives and land of many rural communities in Africa!