A life-changing journey with Send a Cow


Hear from Isaac, Send a Cow Kenya’s Farm Systems Coordinator, about how his family’s fortunes changed when they joined a Send a Cow project back in 2001. Today, Isaac helps family's in rural Kenya to overcome hunger and poverty too, just like his family did.

My name is Isaac and I’m the Farm Systems Coordinator in Kenya for Send a Cow. But my journey to where I am today has not been easy. Life for me growing up in Kakamega County, rural Kenya was difficult. However hard my parents worked on other people's land to support my twin sister, my brother and I, they couldn’t put enough food on the table to keep us healthy.


“Looking back, I remember how thin and malnourished we were. We rarely went to school. My parents were determined and worked hard, but we would often spend days on end home from school because my mum and dad couldn’t afford the fees.”

Isaac Kenya
But with the help of kind people like you – my family’s fortunes changed in 2001.

In 2001, my parents started on their journey with Send a Cow. It wasn’t long before we were growing many different vegetables. We were thrilled! We started getting milk from the cow we were given, and everything changed. I was so happy to see my dad milk the cow for the first time; it was so unusual I couldn’t believe my eyes. Before this time, milk was a real luxury in my family only drank at Easter and Christmas time.

With vegetables and a supply of milk, I now had the energy to play football for the first time with my friends. Now we could buy pens, new uniforms and afford to go to school.

My parents learned that we already had everything we needed; we just lacked the confidence, knowledge and skills to convert it into food and income. Vegetable farming became the best and most reliable source of income. I remember how amazed we were at how quickly we started to see the results of our hard work.

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“I decided there and then that when I finished high school, I wanted to study agriculture. Having seen the impact Send a Cow created in my life, I always had the desire to do the same for others.”

Isaac Kenya

After several years working for farming businesses, I came across the opportunity to work for Send a Cow. I couldn’t apply fast enough. Having acquired a lot of knowledge and skills from working in the farming industry, I knew I had the passion to return to western Kenya to help families in my local community to change their lives. Just as my family’s life had changed with the help of Send a Cow supporters like you.

I celebrated when I heard the news that I'd got this job and I was so happy to be going back to my roots in western Kenya to help families like my own. I love working for Send a Cow, especially the opportunity to learn new practical solutions and innovations which I can then share with the farmers I work alongside helping them to tackle poverty and the climate crisis.

How my life-changing journey with Send a Cow began: