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Home-grown solutions to the climate crisis


There are positive signs that governments are acting to support farmers in Africa who are struggling from the effects of the climate crisis. Gaspard told us:

“Our government is doing a lot to help us to overcome the climate change crisis. For example, today in our villages there are promoters trained by the government to help farmers to form groups where they can be trained on the best agriculture practices.”

Gaspard Rwanda

Send a Cow's work empowers families with the confidence and skills to grow sufficient food to feed their families and make an extra income. The techniques used are also climate-positive and help regenerate the natural environment. Within our planting programmes we include trees, shrubs and grasses, which, as well as improving soil quality, also have a net impact on removing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

We help develop techniques within communities rather than impose a solution from an outsider's perspective. All our solutions are African-designed to enable farmers to grow enough to eat and generate an income. Rediscovering local skills and building new techniques which respond to new circumstances help farmers to combat the effects of falling crop yields, soil degradation and devastating pests, so they can do more than survive on the front line of the crisis. This work enables them to thrive: by building up their financial stability and giving them the opportunity to plan for better lives for their children.

These are some of the principles of our work that support families living on the front line of climate breakdown.