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An important message on safeguarding from our CEO


Dear Friends,

This weekend, a number of allegations were made against Oxfam about the way it handled serious allegations of misconduct of its staff.

As CEO of Send a Cow, I was shocked to hear of the behaviours highlighted in the various reports. Our work is focused on working alongside poor and vulnerable people, and we put the most marginalised at the heart of everything we do. We believe that it is never acceptable for children and vulnerable adults to experience abuse of any kind, and such behaviour is completely against our values.

Send a Cow has a strong safeguarding policy in place, however this story has reiterated the need for us to keep improving where we can to ensure that we embed the highest possible standards throughout the organisation.

Therefore from today we shall:

  • send a communication to all staff reinforcing our current Send a Cow Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults Policy
  • reiterate that we take a zero-tolerance attitude to abuse
  • engage an independent consultant to review our existing policies and practices and implement any changes recommended which can help us further improve in this area
  • over the next two months, give training to all staff with the aim to ensure that everyone is aware of the policy and how to raise concerns
  • review our recruitment and induction processes to ensure appropriate vetting and training of our new staff. We will take special care to review this for the Africa country programmes, where staff are often in a position of trust and have access in working directly with children and vulnerable adults
  • we will formally appoint a trustee on each Country Board with responsibility for safeguarding

As the events of this weekend have again highlighted, organisations like Send a Cow (who) are working alongside children and vulnerable adults, face genuine risks.

At Send a Cow, we must continue to be vigilant and strive to ensure we are always seeking the highest possible standards, and we are committed to this for the sake of communities and families we work alongside.

So that together, we can continue to improve the lives for millions around the world

Paul Stuart
CEO, Send a Cow