Mary with her sweet potato harvest

Our vision, mission and values

Over our 30 year history, we've transformed the lives of 2 million people in Africa. We focus on farming and families, resulting in confident people in control of their own land and of their own futures.

When our founding farmers sent the first cows to Africa they did so as a practical way of expressing their Christian faith and this heritage lives on in our values today. Everybody at Send a Cow is united by the shared belief that we have a moral duty to support one another and fight injustice. For some of us, that belief is guided by God.

We have always been an organisation that employs and works with people of all faiths and none. We strive to be an equal opportunity employer and celebrate the breadth of understanding we have in our staff team in matters of faith.

Our vision

A confident and thriving rural Africa.

Our mission

To give communities and families the hope and the means to secure their own futures from the land.

Our values

Our values inform how we behave: whether amongst ourselves, interacting with our supporters, or in delivering our work. Each team adopts the values and makes them more personal to their team and the jobs the do...


Act with honesty, fairness and honour; treating all cases with impartiality and transparency, with no discrimination or compromise of the truth.


Take a long term, sustainable view of how we use and care for our social, economic and environmental resources.


Build self-resilience in our staff and development partners to ensure clarity of roles, so all accept responsibility for their actions, decisions and polices.


Send a Cow is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and vulnerable adults and protecting them from abuse. This is everyone’s responsibility within our organisation.

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