Send a Cow Climate Justice Policy Asks

Climate Justice Policy Asks

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (also known as COP26) starts at the beginning of November. What does Send a Cow want to see it deliver?

Our four asks, developed by the staff of the countries where we work, are key policy priorities for world leaders. We need to ensure that the voices of farmers in the global south – who are experiencing the climate crisis first and worst, are heard during this vital decision-making opportunity. This is what we need:

Ask 1 - Equitable access to natural resources

  • Protect our livelihoods through equitable access to productive land.
  • Protect smallholder farmers’ rights to safe drinking water for our families and livestock, and water to irrigate our crops.
  • Protect access to unpolluted rivers, lakes and coastal waters for people who depend on fishing.

Ask 2 - Affordable finance

  • Give us access to affordable borrowing so we can invest in environmentally appropriate agricultural technologies and build our financial resilience.
  • Make finance available for the rollout of appropriate sustainable energy solutions to remote communities.

Ask 3 - Community-led agricultural development

  • Promote solutions which respect and use indigenous knowledge and nature-based solutions as well as the latest research – alongside appropriate technology that promote rather than undermine useful indigenous knowledge
  • Implement adaptations for smallholder farms that are designed with local communities, to ensure their appropriateness, sustainability, and longevity.

Ask 4 - Protection and restoration of natural ecosystems

  • Support regenerative farming practices to restore healthy ecosystems.
  • Prevent further land degradation, loss of biodiversity and ecosystem breakdown caused by destructive farming practices.
  • Limit the use of extractive methods of farming, environmentally destructive fertilisers and pesticides, and deforestation.