Tsehaynesh and her family in front of their home


In the remote Dawuro region of Ethiopia, 61% of people are living in poverty.

Families like Tsehaynesh's don't have enough to eat. They are barely getting by.

Tsehaynesh clearly holds the weight of the world on her shoulders for her children, she says: ‘I have seen even my children have no food for two to three days’. As a mother, she feels this pain very deeply.

But, with your support, there is hope for a better future.

The Dawuro Livelihoods Project is working to tackle chronic malnutrition and improve the health and wellbeing of 4,500 farming families. With the right training and access to much-needed resources such as vegetable seeds, families like Tsehaynesh’s can go from struggling to feed themselves, to a future free from poverty and hunger.

£13 could help provide a family like Tsehaynesh's with a chicken and a cockerel so that they can add nutritious eggs to their meals and collect the manure to fertilise their soil.

£27 could help teach a family how to make an energy-saving stove so that they can cook safely and free up their time from collecting wood.

£42 could provide a family with plentiful fruit and vegetable seeds and full training which will allow them to grow enough food to feed their families 3 meals a day.


Your help today will ensure that families like Tsehayneh's get the support they deserve.

In time, mothers like Tsehaynesh will be able to grow enough food to feed their families. Tsehaynesh will also sell the surplus vegetables and re-invest the income into her farm. She hopes that one day she will be able to rebuild her house and roof it with iron sheets to protect her family from the wind and rain; something that was previously unimaginable.

‘I am the poorest in my community, but we are ready to work hard to change our lives’ - Tsehaynesh

Mothers like Tsehaynesh’s are determined to give their family’s a better future. They just need a hand up from people like you. By supporting families like theirs, you really can transform their lives.