Tom Winsborough

Tom Winsborough has been volunteering in the Send a Cow UK office since 2009, after retiring as a civil servant in the Ministry of Defence.

What inspired you to start volunteering at Send a Cow and what keeps you coming back?

I knew about Send a Cow from my Church and wanted to use my free time usefully after retiring. I started doing general office work; returns to senders, cash counting and database work. It is repetitive work but I find that works well as I am only in for a few hours a week.

Volunteering gives me a sense of place and value – and I like the company!

What have been the biggest changes you have seen in Send a Cow over the years?

The biggest change has been the enormous growth. When I started, there was just five people in the office I work in. Now there are now about 20 people in the office and a whole new building of people down the corridor.

What is your favourite thing about coming into the Send a Cow office?

I’m really happy coming in and doing the less complicated tasks. When I was a civil servant I was happy to work my way up and always enjoyed doing the simple jobs.

Doing repetitive tasks leaves your mind free to think about other things. I always find a way to keep jobs interesting; when doing return to senders, I read the names and remember someone I know with the same name.

What are the most memorable moments from your time at Send a Cow?

It was great to see the new building opened – after being in the office through the long build process then seeing the end result. I try to avoid any important visits – like when Prince Charles visited the office! I like to keep quiet and do the simple tasks.

If you are interested in volunteering for Send a Cow, please contact