Women sorting coffee beans


The Partnership

In 2017 we joined forces with Starbucks to launch our Ikawa N’Inka (Coffee & Cows) project working with smallholder coffee farmers in Nyaruguru District, Rwanda. Thanks to a grant awarded by The Starbucks Foundation in 2018, Send a Cow were able to expand the reach of the project to work with just under 30,000 people across Nyanza and Bugesera districts.

The project brings increased farm production, improved sanitation and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods to these coffee growing communities. 

As part of our partnership, Send a Cow’s local delivery team are working alongside Starbucks’ Farmer Support Center in Rwanda, sharing expertise to support farmers in improving their coffee quality and production. 

Our Impact

improvements families experienced from the Coffee and Cows project

Origin Experience 

Once a year, Starbucks staff from across the globe travel to Rwanda to learn about the origin of coffee and the journey it takes before being served in Starbucks’ stores.

As part of this experience, Starbucks staff spend the day working alongside Send a Cow farmers who are participating in the Ikawa N’Inka Project, gaining an insight into their daily lives and how our partnership with Starbucks is changing their futureRead more about the Origin Experience 2019.