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Support mothers like Grace on the frontline of the climate crisis


Will you support families in rural Africa as they tackle the devastating effects of the climate crisis?

Every day families like Grace's (pictured above) are working hard to feed their children and grow a brighter future for them.

Extreme weather events such as drought and floods destroy crops, meaning mothers like Grace, who rely on the land, struggle to grow enough to eat.

A gift from you today could support families like Grace's to learn and implement the practical solutions and techniques to fight hunger, whatever the weather.

What your gift could achieve:

Caroline digging in her garden

A gift of £7 could...

help a family to improve the quality of the land through techniques such as composting and intercropping, helping them to grow more food.

Lontia Lungu and her rainwater tank

A gift of £10 could...

help a family learn how to harvest rainwater to help them through periods of drought so that they have enough water to use on their crops.

Merima in her garden

A gift of £14 could...

help provide a family with climate-resilient seed varieties, enabling them to grow sufficient food, whatever the weather.