Send a Cow US

Every donation you make will bring positive change, helping families to overcome poverty and hunger.

For struggling farmers in Rwanda, coffee can be a vital income source. Donate to our Rwanda Appeal and with your help, hardworking families can live a better life.

As a recognized nonprofit organization (501c3) all donations you make to Send a Cow are tax-exempt in the US.

You can donate to a specific appeal in US$ by clicking donate on the appeal page and selecting the US$ tab.

You can also donate by mail to the following address:

Make a check payable to: 

Send a Cow, Inc.
1536 E. Lancaster Avenue
Paoli, PA 19301
EIN#: 46-4096938

Feel free to drop us a note with questions or comments. We love hearing from you!



Could go towards training for a family and providing additional coffee tree saplings.

Woman watering plants with two children


Could go towards providing a gardening kit including a spade, watering can and boots.

Genevieve wrapped in a green robe and her cow


 Could go towards the cost of a cow, giving families a rich source of manure.