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Send a Cow awarded grant from The World Bank Group and Sexual Research Initiative

We are thrilled to have been awarded funds from The World Bank Group and Sexual Research Initiative (SVRI) to help address the issues of gender-based violence within our projects.

Head of Programme Funding, Peg Bavin, and Send a Cow Kenya board member, Joyce Majiwa, travelled to Washington DC to accept the award. It was a fantastic opportunity to discuss our approach to gender equality with other organisations from around the world.

This grant will allow us to work with The Global Women’s Institute to see how our gender approach, in particular Transformative Household Methodology, could be even more effective in tackling gender-based violence.

Transformative Household Methodology

Peg spoke at the award ceremony about how we use Transformative Household Methodology (THM) as a tool to create awareness about household gender relations between women, men, girls and boys. THM identifies the different roles and responsibilities of household members, their access and control over resources and their related benefits.

Send a Cow | Peg and Joyce
A family take part in Transformative Housrhold Methodology by laying out a grid made from sticks on the floor. There are several family members around the grid

How it works:

  • Families create a grid of sticks on the ground with each family member marked along one side. Together they identify household tasks, assets or decisions relevant to them along the other side
  • Through joint discussions, they place stones in the grid to illustrate who currently does the most towards each task, who has the greatest control over resources and who makes decisions over money, assets and education
  • This exercise shows if responsibilities are equally shared between family members or if one person is over burdened
  • The family discuss the results and draw up an action plan for change, setting their own vision for gender equality and how they can work towards that
  • Send a Cow staff follow up with the family over time to see how they are getting on in implementing their action plan.
  • We have found THM to be a powerful tool for engaging men in particular in gender discussions. The methodology achieves significant change as the challenges and solutions are owned by the whole family.
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"It is very important to involve men and boys because without that it’s very difficult to have real change unless you do. When men and boys are engaged then the impact is longer lasting because you have generational change with girls and boys growing up in the context of a loving relationship with good role models. Men can also influence other men in their local communities, promoting the positive benefits of gender equality."
Peg Bavin Head of Programme Funding