Pray for Burundi

We know that God can use Send a Cow to help transform the lives of whole communities.

We have recently started a new project in Burundi and we would love for you to pray for families like Dionésie’s, and all of our staff who will be working with her community.

Please pray for Burundi:
Pontien carries a garden hoe
The country

Burundi was recently listed as both the hungriest and unhappiest country in the world.  Climate change, crop disease and the over exploitation of soil has contributed to this nation’s difficulties, leaving families like Dionésie’s with a daily struggle to provide for their children.

Burundi has an urgent need for development, with 72% of its population food insecure and 58% of children under five stunted - 1 in 10 children die before their fifth birthday. This is mainly due to poor weather, low investment and plant disease.

Please pray for the people of Burundi who struggle each day to survive

Send a Cow | Gilbert training in Burundi
The projects

After the success of our last project in Burundi, we have recently started the GANCA project (Gender and Nutrition Centered Agriculture).

It’s very early days, so please do pray for team as they meet with the community and carry out base line assessments to learn what is needed in the community.

Pray too for the team as they train the farmers to plant vegetables that will help prepare them against the coming hunger months.

Please pray for the team as they train the farmers new skills

Send a Cow | Gilbert and Dionesie with their family
The people

Dionésie lives in Burundi with her husband Gilbert and their four children. Every day, they struggle to provide for their children. They harvest a small crop of maize from their land, but it’s not enough to feed a family of six.

"With a family like ours we don’t have enough space to sleep. We are also hungry. We do agriculture but we don’t harvest because we don’t have enough means to buy seeds or get manure."

No one can be hopeful if they don’t have something they can hope in. But, now that we are working together, we believe that you will support us, as you came to visit us, God will help us, and we will work and be hopeful."

Please pray for Dionésie and others in her community that they would start to have hope for a better future