Send a Cow | Pontien with his family

Pontien Tuhabonyimana

Pontien Tuhabonyimana is a farmer from the Mwaro province of Burundi. When he first bought land, he didn't know how to manage it or what to do with his income. He struggled to communicate with his wife:

"We lived like other neighbours; in the dark about gender issues. I was the only person in my household to make all the decisions, with no communication with my wife."

Pontien was inspired after visiting some farmers who were working with Send a Cow. The group told him about the new agriculture techniques they had learned and the impact of gender and social training. Pontien became motivated to change his own life.

In 2015, when Send a Cow started working near Pontien, he became the only man to join the training group of 37 people. He began to implement the nutritional and social training he had received, considering and respecting his wife’s role in the household.

Through a local microfinance institution, Pontien and his wife are now able to save carefully, putting aside money for the future, including new business ventures:

"My vision is to have a taxi by 2020 providing transport on the Mwaro-Bujumbura road. This will give me access to Bujumbura markets where the agriculture products costs are higher than at the local market."

Pontien was able to expand his farm, increasing crop yields with the new agriculture techniques he has learned. A cow and some plantation saplings given by Send a Cow provide a second source of income, contributing to Pontien’s growing success. Pontien, his wife Jeanine and his seven children are now healthy and thriving, with all of his children attending school.

Send a Cow | Pontien wiith his family
“I hope to continue progressing in business, based on trainings provided by Send a Cow staff and trainers. God bless Send a Cow”