Almaz and Abebe with Send a Cow staff

“Our daughters have a great chance for equality”

Send a Cow | Almaz in Ethiopia

Almaz Korja lives in Bonke, Ethiopia, with her husband, Abebe, and six children.

"Before Send a Cow, we were in severe pain. We had no significant income. We were suffering from a shortage of food, clothes and money for medication and school fees. We didn't have any hope and were undermined even by our own community."

"Send a Cow became our fathers. They showed us the way and how to go. Send a Cow and the church paved our way for development and combating poverty.

There has been an improvement in gender relations. My husband and I love and respect each other and work together. Training changed the mindset of husbands and males. As a result, relations have improved and there is no longer conflict as we all respect one another. If my husband loves nad respects me, I can't but give love and respect to him.

Our mothers and grandmothers were not respected by their husbands and men in general. But our daughters have a great chance for equality; to be respected and to train the next generation of girls and so on."
Almaz and Abebe stand in front of their home in Ethiopia

Before the project, income was insignificant. The little produce Almaz could grow, the family ate ate; there was no surplus to sell. Within two years, they were able to sell their harvest of cabbage for 10,000 Birr (£280).

“When I saw the first harvest, particularly the cabbages, I was very proud and happy and my thought to myself was where would I find a market as I had so much.”