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Life-Changing Trees Appeal

Raised: £76966 Target: £100000

Thanks to a Big Give champion and a small group of generous Send a Cow supporters, donations made to our Life-Changing Trees Appeal were doubled as part of The Big Give Christmas Challenge. We are delighted to have reached our target of £37,500, which will be doubled to £75,000.

Although donations can no longer be matched, you can still plant hope this Christmas by donating to our Life-Changing Trees Appeal via this page. Your gift of any size will help even more families fight hunger and the climate crisis with life-changing trees. Thank you for your support.

Your gift this Christmas could help communities like Mary's fight hunger and the climate crisis with life-changing trees.

Mary is a 58-year-old grandmother living in rural Migori, Kenya who works tirelessly to provide for her family. She has planted maize, tomatoes and groundnuts along with black nightshade, a local nutritious green vegetable.

But the extreme drought means that Mary’s land is degraded and no longer fertile. She can’t grow enough for her family to eat. Mary’s wider community is experiencing the same extreme hunger and poverty.

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“There are times when the dry period is so long and I end up with no harvest at the end of the season.”

Mary Kenya

With little food to feed themselves, Mary and her children labour on other people’s farms. She explained that due to her older age, she is exhausted from the hard work that is expected of her when she works for others. She worries about how she will find the next meal and what the future will bring for her children and grandchildren.

Globally, 79% of the world’s poorest families like Mary’s live in rural settings and rely on agriculture to survive.

But as temperatures rise, due to the climate crisis, trees are disappearing and the land is becoming infertile. Families can’t grow enough food for themselves and are being forced deeper into poverty.

There are many causes of deforestation, including logging, grazing and the clearing of land for commercial farming. One of the saddest causes, however, is that some smallholder farmers contribute to the removal of trees out of desperation. Many farmers understand that trees are important for the long-term health of their land, but when they are faced with the immediate needs of their families, trees are cut down for a quick profit, so they can feed themselves that day.

Trees restore the land by anchoring topsoil, increasing organic matter and holding the nutrients for crops to thrive. Roots allow water to infiltrate the soil and allow it to hold more water which can be vital for healthy springs and water sources. Once the whole community is on board and inspired by the benefits of trees, a movement has started, and future generations have hope for a brighter future.

We know that when the land thrives, so do the families like Mary’s and her community who rely on it. And with you by their side today, families can transform their lives with life-changing trees.

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“I’d like to grow mangos, avocado and oranges which provide income and food. I hope to provide a balanced diet and adequate food for my children. I’d like them to go to the best school so that they can change their lives for the better.”

Mary Kenya

Here's the extraordinary impact that trees can have on nutrition and livelihoods, not just for one family, but for the whole community, thanks to your support:

Learning innovative techniques to keep trees healthy

Your gift could help a family like Mary's learn innovative techniques such as rainwater harvesting and composting to help ensure their life-changing trees survive, even in the face of the climate crisis. Rainwater harvesting will provide vital water for growing trees, and composting will help nourish the soil, to ensure trees stay healthy and grow more abundant fruit.

Fighting hunger through fruit trees

Your gift could help provide fruit tree saplings for a family so that they can grow their own trees, and access nutritious fruit such as mangos and oranges.

Growing brighter futures through community tree nurseries

Your gift could help a community set up a shared tree nursery. Community nurseries are a source of inexpensive plants which anyone in the area can access and benefit from. By supporting families with healthy seedlings, they can grow their own orchard, protect the soil and develop thriving farms.

Your gift will make an amazing impact for families like Mary's this Christmas and beyond, helping her and her community thrive.

Thank you for everything you help make possible as part of the Send a Cow family.