Send a Cow | Ben Aldridge waters plants with Kasiita

Kasiita Robert

"I wish my parents would come back and see the transformation. I feel like they would be proud to see how far we’ve come since they left." Kasiita from Rakai, Uganda.

Rakai has one of the highest rates of HIV/Aids in Uganda. Kasiita and his five siblings lost their parents to HIV/Aids related illnesses when he was just 15 years old. He had to drop out of school and become the head of the family.

Thanks to your incredible support we were able to launch The Ugandan Orphans Project, working with 420 households in Rakai. Now, Kasiita and his family are thriving. They have built flourishing gardens and are keeping happy and productive livestock. They now eat a healthy and diverse diet from their own land.

Kasiita and his siblings earn money through selling surplus produce from their farm and digging for other farmers. Not only can they use this income for school fees and medicine, but they are now reinvesting in their farm. The family started with just two chickens, and now have eight. Each chicken costs 10,000 Ugandan shillings, equivalent to about £2. Before they joined Send a Cow, a whole day’s labouring for the siblings would earn them just half this amount.

They also welcomed a cow, Benah, to the family! Not only will she provide milk for the family to drink and sell, her manure will help increase their vegetable production.

Kasiita now feels accepted by his local community. He says;

"Life is good. We can bathe. We may not have new clothes but the old ones are now washed and clean. We can afford soap to wash. I am happy with myself. 

I am consulted for my peer farmer knowledge by people who despised me before. Others come to beg for vegetables from our garden. These are people who shunned us when we were nothing. I sometimes give them out freely, to show them that we are now something. 

I am now a teacher in the community. Teaching other orphaned children about good behaviour, keeping clean, growing vegetables around their homes and helping their parents. But more importantly, I have managed to fend for my siblings."

Watch our video to hear Kasiita talk about how his life has transformed.