Kassillina stands on the balcony of her newly built house

Kasalina Kibuuka

"In 1988 I got the most wonderful and understanding friend in Send a Cow. It has stood by me all my life and my children are a living testimony of the miracles Send a Cow has performed over the years."

Kasalina was one of the first farmers to receive a cow from Send a Cow 30 years ago. This gift has enabled Kasalina to send her children to school and support her whole family.

As a single mother, raising six children of her own and her brother’s children, life was a huge struggle for Kasalina. Her job as a church secretary paid very little and there was a constant worry that there would never be enough food to sustain her family. She has no home and was forced to shelter in the church quarters.

After receiving a cow as a pass-on gift from a coordinator in Send a Cow, Kasalina’s church allowed her to use some church land to grow animal fodder. The cow, named after Diana, Princess of Wales, not only produced milk but seven calves over the years, providing a reliable source of income for Kasalina and her family. Kasalina was able to send her children to college and university.

Kasalina has been able to put aside savings for emergencies and accommodate her wider family from the milk that her cows have provided. Her daughter, Olivia, is mother to two sets of twins and also farms her own land. She keeps 500 chickens and a cow that was gifted to her by her mother.

"I know we are as children because Send a Cow stood with us. Now we are responsible people with our own families. Who knew we would be? Send a Cow believed" - Olivia

Kasalina built herself a home on an acre of land from the money she has made, complete with a cowshed to house her beloved cows. At 67, although not planning on retiring any time soon, Kasalina is comforted in the knowledge that she is financially secure.

“I cannot afford to live without a cow. I have a new home thanks to Send a Cow. It is my pension.”