Grace standing in front of her farm

Help Fight the Climate Crisis

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Will you stand with mothers like Grace as they fight hunger, whatever the weather?

The climate crisis is destroying the lives of those least responsible for it right now. In rural Africa, families are going hungry as their crops are lost to extreme weather like floods and drought. This is the reality for mothers like Grace.

Grace lives next to a river, and unpredictable rains mean that her small plot is vulnerable to flooding; her crops get washed away, and her chance of escaping poverty goes with them.

Mothers like Grace are incredibly resourceful. Despite these challenges, she keeps finding ways to feed her family, but it gets harder every year as the climate crisis worsens.

Heavy rainfall, followed by periods of drought, means families like Grace’s in rural Kenya are experiencing up to four hungry months a year, in which they only eat one meal a day.

Grace looking over her farm land

“When there are heavy rains, [the land] retains a lot of water, making it difficult to grow crops. During the dry period, the soils become completely parched.”

Grace Kenya

But where there is land, there is hope.

With your support, mothers like Grace will become more prepared for extreme weather events. By adopting practical solutions and implementing sustainable farming techniques, mothers like Grace can protect their crops and livelihoods.

Here's what your support today could help achieve:

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Grace sitting on the ground smiling

“My hope is that my life will change for the better and I believe that this journey that I have started with Send a Cow will enable me to use my farm in a way that I get yields so that we no longer go hungry.”

Grace Kenya

Thank you for your support. Together we can create a world where families won't have to go hungry because of extreme weather as a result of the climate crisis.