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Have a Tree Planted in Your Name

So you’ve got your top-notch tree gift! What next?

As an extra Christmas gift to you, we are giving you the opportunity to have a tree planted in your name in Ethiopia this year for free.

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Trees are a symbol of new life, and of hope.

In rural Africa, trees help families to combat hunger and earn an income, all in the face of climate change.

Be a part of that hope this year and sign up to have a tree planted in your name.

You will receive updates at key points in the planting process, so that you can see for yourself the incredible difference trees like yours can make, as part of an integrated farm system.

Where will my tree be?

Wolaita District, Ethiopia.

What are the benefits of trees for farmers?

Trees naturally help to rehabilitate degraded land, whilst combatting climate change.

Much of the land erosion in the parts of Ethiopia we work in is due to fragile soils that have lost cover and been washed away. To regenerate these soils, they first need to physically be stabilised – often by tree and grass bunds, or ditches and mounds.

The trees stop further soil loss through root stabilisation and physically blocking the gullies, add organic matter back to the soil through dropping their leaves, and shade the soil from the impacts of sun and rain.

And on top of this trees produce nutritious fruit and nuts for families to eat and sell, plus valuable animal feed. They can help to shade more fragile crops from the sun, and their very presence can help to stabilise the local micro-climate.

Different trees have different, amazing benefits for farmers - the most important thing is planting the right tree, in the right place.

Can I unsubscribe?

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Yes, I want to plant hope!

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