“Gracie changed my life”

Gracie was one of the young cows that I sent to Uganda in the early days of SAC. Born and raised on my farm, I hoped that I might meet her again one day to see where she had been living and working.

I got my chance to see Gracie three years later in 1995, when I flew over to Uganda as the on-flight service cowboy with the last shipment of cows sent by SAC.

Gracie had transformed her new family’s future in those three years. Not only were they eating properly, they had income for housing, health and for education.  Their oldest child was now getting quality education and heading for university, with the family able to buy him a bicycle that he could get to school on.

Send a Cow | David Bragg leading a cow

Gracie had also produced a heifer calf that had been passed onto another family in need; creating her own legacy by Passing It On.

I can still vividly remember the great sense of dignity and contentment that exuded from the parents as the family laid out a simple feast for our lunch. We shared their food, sat and talked together and I heard from them how, with Gracie’s support, they were now self-sufficient. I was hooked by their story.

Seeing what Gracie had done for the family she was supporting also changed my future, too. When I had left the UK for Uganda I thought that my time with SAC was probably coming to an end. However when I returned to the UK, I was convinced that Gracie’s wonderful legacy needed building on. I sold the remainder of my cows to give me more time to dedicate to SAC, and I eventually gave up farming.

Send a Cow | David Bragg with a cow in Uganda

I found myself supporting and working alongside our African Programme Teams to develop bigger and stronger programmes which concentrated on building up people’s confidence and skills to farm their way out of poverty.

Looking back to the time when I visited Gracie, Send a Cow had brought change to fewer than 5,000 people. Now we’ve transformed the lives of around 2 million people and are growing every day - an incredible legacy for so many people to have inherited from. Yet there is still so much to do. This is why I recently renewed my will and left a legacy to SAC; a gift that will keep on transforming people’s lives long after my departing. If you too join me, together we will Pass It On.

David Bragg, Founding Farmer

This September, we’re very pleased to be offering free Will-writing services. There’s no obligation to leave a gift to us if you use these services. Your generous support is greatly appreciated and if you do choose to include Send a Cow, it is a wonderful way for us to plan for the future too.