SAC team at an outdoor stand

Students and Universities

We know that young people are the change makers of the future. Whether in London or Nairobi, Manchester or Addis Ababa, students the world over are realising their power to make the planet a fairer place for everyone.

Students play a huge part in fundraising for and promoting the work of Send a Cow. Every music night, collection drive, mountain trek, jail break and bake sale helps to support families in rural Africa to thrive.

You can be part of this force for change. Get involved by organising a fundraising event, nominate Send a Cow as your RAG chosen charity or become a Student Ambassador.

Poverty discriminates again the most vulnerable people in the world. Climate change and unsustainable farming practicces are making people's lives worse in rural Africa. But we have seen how, when the land thrives, families can do more than just survive, they can really live.

Use your unique set of skills and passions to raise awareness and funds for Send a Cow's work with your fellow students, local community and wider networks. You will enable families to develop their own African-designed solutions to lift themselves out of poverty and create lasting change.

If you have fundraising event ideas, would like to put Send a Cow forward as a RAG charity or have any questions about getting involved please email