Girl with watering can

Spring Term

Out of mud amazing things can grow!

This spring, teach your class about the benefits of soil and how out of mud, amazing things can grow!

We’ve got everything you need including a lesson plan, worksheet, colouring activity, wordsearch and a reflection on the theme of spring and hope.

Your class will learn about how Send a Cow is working with families in rural Africa to look after their soil so that they can grow a brighter future free from poverty and hunger.

Edith Mulero 2

“I now use cow dung to fertilise my land. Now my harvests are big and that makes me happy. I have all the food I need.”

Edith Uganda

Spring into action!

Spring into action and help more families like Edith’s to look after their soil and grow brighter futures.

Challenge your class to grow the tallest bean plant!

Download our sponsorship forms to encourage sponsorship from parents and teachers.

Design a poster to show how important soil is and why we need to look after it.

Each pupil pays £1 to enter and the best poster as voted by the class wins a prize! Get in touch to request small prizes such as balloons, stickers, and bookmarks

Create a window or wall display at home or in your classroom

Show your support to families in rural Africa. Download our colouring templates to use as part of your display.

How your class can make a difference this spring

Card A Chicken

Spring Chickens

Raising £100 could provide 12 chickens for families, providing nutritious eggs and manure for fertiliser.
Marvellous mud gift

Marvellous Mud

Raising £250 could provide training for 35 families to improve the quality of their soil.
Small child holding a handful of green leafy vegetables

Super-Strong Seeds

Raising £350 could provide 25 families with super-strong seeds that stand up to Climate Change.
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“Send a Cow really inspired conversation and got the children thinking about the needs of those less fortunate than themselves and about the socio-economic and climatic challenges they face.”

Fiona Wilce Headteacher of St Mary & St John C.E.V.A. Primary School

For more information or support with your fundraiser, please email or call 01225 874 222 – we’d love to hear from you!