Muck in with Send a Cow this Harvest

Help Rwandan families to thrive by fundraising for a cow this Harvest!

Your school can help families in Rwanda who are struggling to find enough food to eat. Parents are having to send their children to school with empty stomachs because they lack seeds, training and materials to grow food from their land. We can help them to grow bountiful harvests and, with your help, families could receive a dairy cow. Cow manure will help their gardens flourish and their children will grow strong from drinking protein-rich milk.

We’ve created a whole range of Harvest resources and learning activities for you to share with your students. Each resource includes learning outcomes and curriculum connections.

As a thank you for taking part, when you register for our resources, we’ll enter your name in our free prize draw to win a Starter Growing Kit for your school. See Terms & Conditions here.

Here's a taster of our school resources:

School assembly

Cow headband

Rwanda factsheet

Enterprise challenge

Watch our Harvest video to find out more about our work and the difference you can make this Harvest:

Nadine’s family lives in one of the poorest regions in Rwanda.

Hundreds of children go hungry every day and suffer from stunted growth because they don’t have enough nutritious food to eat. Many of these children are barely surviving.

By holding a mufti day or enterprise challenge for Send a Cow this Harvest, your school could help to provide cows that will fertilise families’ gardens with their manure. With enriched soil, families like Nadine’s will be able to grow bountiful harvests from their land.

What your school’s Harvest fundraising could buy:


Could pay for a gardening kit, including a spade, watering can and welly boots to help a family and others in their community get growing.


Could provide the necessary seeds, training and materials for ten families to be able to grow a sustainable supply of crops.


Could support a community group with the training, seeds and materials to build a shared plant nursery, including coffee plants and fruit trees.


Could fund a dairy cow, providing a vital source of manure and milk for a farming family.