Lesson resources

These resources will support you to facilitate conversations with your students about Africa, food and sustainability, and how to be global citizens.



Find out more about the countries that we work in and the similarities and differences between Africa and the UK by downloading the resources below. Using African folktales and stories from our work we can help support your spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) work in the classroom.

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Food and sustainability

We train families in organic farming techniques to help them grow nutritious crops to eat and sell. To facilitate conversations with your students about where food comes from and to learn about African growing techniques you can use to support your outdoor learning, download the resources below.

Order your own Bag Garden kit to grow your own garden with your class

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Real life stories

There’s no better way to build young people’s understanding of other people and cultures than by sharing real life stories – and we have a lot to share!  Each person and their life story is unique but they share a few key similarities – when given the tools and education to make the most of their land, people are able to see a brighter future for themselves and their children. Share the stories below with your students to facilitate conversations about people’s lives in Africa by showing them the similarities and differences between their lives and the lives of their African counterparts.

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We aim to ensure that our projects reach everyone in a community so no one is hidden, hopeless or hungry. We draw people into our projects who are traditionally excluded because of their gender, disability, tribe or profession. To open discussions in your classroom about social inclusion and to find out how we work with families so that everyone is included, download the resources below.

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Poverty is generally recognised as when someone has US$1.90 a day or less to live on and lacks safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, shelter and education. Teach your students more about the realities of poverty for families in Africa and how they can be part of bringing about lasting change by using the resources here.

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Send a Cow has so far supported two million people to rise out of poverty but there is much work still to be done. Your school can help more families to thrive, and support the next generation to fulfill their potential. For fundraising ideas and details of how to pay in donated funds please see the resources below.
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