Nakiyimba Christine and her mother Namuddu Harriet

Riverford Organic Farmers

For 12 years, Riverford and Send a Cow have worked together to help families to learn sustainable organic agriculture techniques. Customers have generously added donations onto their regular veg box orders and co-owners have organised their own fundraising events. The partnership has raised over £600,000 for a number of our projects, most recently in Rakai, Uganda.

The Rakai Orphans Project aimed to revitalise communities in the Rakai district of rural Uganda, by providing a support network for orphans and vulnerable children. The project was hugely successful with the average number of hunger days falling from 133 to just 3. You can find out more about the project’s impact in the video below.

When it was time to choose a new project, Riverford co-owners voted to support the community in Rakai to learn Push-Pull, an innovative pest management technique. The technique helps to protect maize harvests from harmful pests and weeds. Click here to discover how PushPull works.

Guy Watson optimised

““Our customers and co-owners continue to raise funds to support Send a Cow’s work in Uganda… I remain confident that it would be very hard to spend your money more effectively in bringing about lasting positive change in the lives of some of the world’s most disadvantaged people, than by supporting Send a Cow."”

Guy Singh-Watson, Founder of Riverford Organic Farmers and Send a Cow Patron United Kingdom