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How we work: Corporate Partnerships

We create mutually-beneficial partnerships that provide tangible benefits to your company whilst maximising your potential to impact our transformative programmes in Africa.

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We support our partners through a variety of communication channels:

  • Monthly newsletter sent to over 12,500 supporters
  • Biannual Lifeline magazine sent to 14,000 supporters
  • Website homepage receiving 5,800 unique visitors a month
  • Facebook profile with over 10,000 likes
  • Twitter account with over 6,600 followers
  • Instagram with over 2,000 followers
  • Annual review sent to over 1,000 recipients

We also have an in-house PR team who work closely with our corporate partners to ensure our messages reach the right audiences.

But don’t just take our word for it…

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“Our customers and staff continue to raise £25,000 a year to support Send a Cow’s work in Uganda. I remain cautious of the impact of aid but remain confident that it would be very hard to spend your money more effectively in bringing about lasting positive change in the lives of some of the world’s most disadvantaged people, than by supporting Send a Cow. People often say that “organic farming is fine for us westerners, but it’s never going to feed the world”. But I have visited Send a Cow’s projects in Uganda and the practices they teach in sustainable organic agriculture really do feed the world.”

Guy Singh Watson Founder of Riverford Organic Farmers