John and Vivienne harvesting passionfruit

Community Groups

We’ve been working together with Community Groups in the UK for over 30 years to bring hope and transformation to poor communities in rural Africa.

Every day families face poverty that is extreme, cruel, and worst of all – unnecessary. But rural Africa is rich with opportunity and where there is land, there is hope.

Your Community Group can make a lasting difference by supporting our Resilient Rwanda project.
Genevieve Mukamusoni and her cow
Resilient Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa. Over 80% of people depend on small-scale agriculture for their livelihoods, but productivity is low. The 1994 genocide devastated millions of people’s lives, leaving a legacy of fractured communities and destroyed farmland.

The country has come a long way in tackling poverty over the last twenty years, but it still faces many challenges, particularly from climate change.  

The support from your group could enable Send a Cow to work with more vulnerable families, providing them with vital training in how to effectively manage their soil and livestock to be more productive, even in the face of extreme climate change. Send a Cow training includes building cow sheds to help protect the land from being overgrazed, planting fodder and trees for shade, and using rainwater harvesting techniques to collect water to use during dry spells.

We are asking Community Groups across the UK to help support 75 families in Rwanda, through one of our three year training programmes.

By raising a combined £15,500, Groups across the UK will help families to grow a whole range of nutritious food from their land, drink milk to become stronger and healthier and build sustainable incomes that break the cycle of poverty, for good. 

Participating groups will receive an annual update on the progress of families in the projects, so you can see how your help is making a lasting difference.  

How your group can create lasting change
Winnifred and her cow shed
£180 could pay for the materials to build a safe cow shed
Send a cow eating napier grass
£650 could buy a dairy cow for a family, providing milk and manure for fertiliser
Lontia and her rainwater harvesting tank
£225 could provide a family with a rainwater harvesting system 

By integrating small numbers of cows into diverse family farms, our approach avoids the environmental impact seen in intensive livestock farming. Cow manure is collected and used to restore soil fertility. The fertile soil help to grow a variety of vegetables and trees, which remove carbon from the air.

Watering the Future Update

In 2019, we asked Community Groups across the UK to help support families in Western Kenya to access safe, clean water in the midst of serious droughts and water shortages.

Thanks to the wonderful support of Community Groups across the UK, we raised over £19,000 for our ‘Watering the Future’ project.

With this amazing total, we have been able to cap five natural springs – protecting water sources from contamination and allowing families to safely collect clean water.

Caren in her well

In addition 187 families have been able to set up rain water capture systems on their homes. This means that the most marginalised people we work with, especially those living with HIV/AIDS, can store and use water at home, saving them long, strenuous trips to collect water.

A huge thank you to all the Community Groups who were able to support this project. We could not do the life-changing work we do without you. Thank you!