Youth activities

We are passionate about inspiring younger generations to take action against hunger and poverty in rural Africa.

Our youth activities are designed to help children and young people engage with real stories and find fun and meaningful ways to make a lasting difference.


Cook for Change

Take part in Cook for Change and your youth group could help fund an energy-saving super stove for a family in rural AfricaDownload our free youth group session planner to help inform and organise your Cook for Change event. Whether it’s cooking a breakfast for your community or hosting a shared lunch, the funds your youth group raise could help transform a community and help mitigate climate issues too.  

About energy-saving super stoves:

In sub Saharan Africa, families have to walk for miles to collect firewood. It’s neither a good use of their time, nor good for the environment. 

Our African designed solutions provide families with an environmentally friendly way of cooking. We train families to build energy-saving super stoves, which require less wood to burn, meaning that fewer trees are cut down and are therefore better for the environment.  

Woman home cooking at the stove

An energy-saving super stove costs just £27. To get your youth group cooking for change, download our free resources.