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Youth Activities

We are passionate about inspiring younger generations to take action against hunger and poverty in rural Africa.

Our youth activities are designed to help children and young people engage with real stories and find fun and meaningful ways to make a lasting difference.

Quiz Night Fun!

Challenge your youth group to host a virtual quiz night for the whole church in support of refugees.

Just £104 could help provide training for four families to help make a house a home by building key household items including: an energy saving stove, a clean latrine and a tip tap hand-washer.

Download our resources for your Covid-safe Lent activities
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Rose is one of over 46,000 refugees living in the Palabek Settlement.

Rose fled conflict in her home country of South Sudan and arrived with nothing. Imagine how she felt as she tried to feed her family. And then the unexpected happened. A local Ugandan family gave her a piece of their own land. They gave from what little they had. What a beautiful example of loving your neighbour as yourself! Rose now lives on a small piece of land. She is struggling to grow enough food to feed her six children, as are all the other refugees and local Ugandan families, but with Send a Cow’s training her small piece of land can be transformed.