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Church Lent Appeal

This Lent, we’re asking churches to hold a coffee morning and donate their collection in support of refugee families living in northern Uganda.

Download our resources below to find out about mothers like Rose and how your church could support families like her's this Lent.

Your church's support could transform the lives of refugees to help grow a place to call home. In South Sudan, many families have no option but to flee their homes due to ongoing conflict. Uganda’s refugee policy is one of the world’s most progressive. In the Palabek Settlement, South Sudanese refugees live side by side with the local Ugandan community.

When we start work with refugee mothers, we start by providing the seeds, tools and training for families to create flourishing vegetable gardens. We next provide training so that families can build simple home improvements, such as energy-saving stoves, from local sustainable materials.

Once families are settled and growing enough to eat, we then provide support with setting up small businesses, so that families can sell surplus vegetables at the market and earn an income.

Rose holding her son
Rose with her son

Rose's Story

Rose is a mother of six children. Her family was forced to flee from their home in South Sudan after rebel groups had taken control of her village and abducted her husband. Rose and her children trekked for over two days to reach safety in Uganda, where they were relocated to their new home in the Palabek Refugee Settlement.

Our team started work with Rose last year, providing her with the seeds, tools and training to grow nutritious vegetables. Rose’s family are now eating three meals a day and are food secure! Find out more about Rose’s story in the download Pray for Mothers like Rose below.

"I was depressed because I didn’t know the whereabouts of my spouse." Rose, Uganda

Download our free resources to help with your event:

Whether you hold a physical, hybrid or virtual meeting, why not invite a Send a Cow speaker to join you! We can tell you about our projects working with refugee families in northern Uganda and how your church can help transform lives.

Community webpage

£104 could support four families...

... as they make home improvements such as building an energy-saving stove from local materials which directs smoke away from the cooking area, makes cooking safer and uses less fuel to keep trees standing. A clean latrine, tip-tap (a homemade handwasher) and drying rack will improve hygiene around the home whilst helping keep the whole family healthy.

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£242 could train two farmers to become ‘Peer Farmers Trainers’

Some of our most successful farmers go on to become volunteers, training others in how to get the best from their farms. Your church's donation could help could ensure that Peer Farmers have all the training they need to help their neighbours grow nutritious vegetables and get the most from their land, all year round.

A couple in their shop

£570 could provide training for five families so they can start a successful business

Once families are eating well and earning enough to send their children to school, we encourage them to think bigger. Families will learn to add value to their produce to sell in the local community.

Do get in touch if you would like any further information. Email or call 01225 874 222.