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Give Life-Changing Trees this Christmas

Support Send a Cow this Christmas and your church could provide life-changing trees to help mothers like Mary fight hunger and the climate crisis.

Right now, families living in rural Africa are struggling to grow enough food to eat. The climate crisis is causing extreme weather patterns and a loss of soils, which is being made worse by deforestation. But there is another way. For families who live off the land like Mary’s, trees can play a critical role in their journey out of poverty.

Will your church help communities like Mary's this Christmas to fight hunger and the climate crisis? By donating your Christmas collection, your congregation will join our community of tree planters by helping to provide life-changing trees.

Your gift of £315 could help provide fruit tree saplings to 15 mothers like Mary’s so they can fight hunger and the climate crisis. They will learn to combat soil erosion and protect their land. Your gift could turn a barren land into a thriving orchard!

Meet Mary

Mary, Kenya
Mary, Send a Cow project participant, Kenya

Mary lives in rural Migori, western Kenya. When our team visited Mary recently, they could see how she works tirelessly to provide for her family. But the extreme drought Mary’s family is experiencing because of the climate crisis means that her land is degraded and no longer fertile. They simply can’t grow enough to eat and often go hungry.

At Send a Cow, we know how crucial it is that families in Mary’s community get the right nutrients to keep them healthy and prevent malnutrition. Whether you donate your church collection, sell homemade Christmas decorations or go carol singing, with help from your church, we will be able to provide families with life-changing trees that help fight hunger.

Do get in touch if you would like any further information. Email or call 01225 874 222.

Find out more about the power of giving life-changing trees by downloading our resources:

How your donations could provide life-changing trees this Christmas...

£105 - could provide training for 7 families, ensuring their trees survive in the face of the climate crisis.

£315 - could provide 15 families with fruit trees saplings and training to help prevent soil erosion.

£525 - could help set up 5 shared tree nurseries helping whole communities to thrive.

Eunice, Kenya
Eunice, Send a Cow project participant, Kenya