Make a Monthly Gift

Your monthly gift can transform families lives.

Across rural Africa, many farming families have a daily struggle to put food on the table. Without the knowledge, skills and resources they need they cannot make the most of their land.

With seeds, tools and knowledge families can grow vegetables to feed themselves and sell within their community.

Rainwater-harvesting, drought-resistant crops and sustainable organic farming techniques will protect them from environmental changes.

Your regular gift could help families like Veronica's feel the joy of feeding their children.

When Veronica's husband passed away she was left to run her farm alone. When her children fell sick she had to stay home to care for them. Each day away from her farm reducing how much she could grow.

"Our land is degraded. I did not harvest much because I did not have manure.
My family and I were hungry because we did not have enough food. Without food, my children appear as if they are sick.”
Help families like Veronica's and double your donation now with the Big Give
With the right training, families like Veronica's can grow enough to feed themselves.

By learning how to grow a variety of fruit and veg, families will protect their soil. They'll learn to make home-made fertiliser. They’ll feel secure, knowing even if one crop should fail, there will be another to fall back on. And their land will feed them.