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Hold a Virtual African Coffee Break

Catch up with friends and family over coffee, and from the safety of your own home, you can help transform the lives of coffee farming families in Africa

Due to COVID-19 crisis, we are now encouraging supporters to hold VIRTUAL African Coffee Breaks. Get together (virtually!) with friends or family over coffee and your African Coffee Break will help Rwandan families grow their own futures, on their own land, on their own terms.

In English, Ikawa n’Inka means ‘Coffee and Cows’. To families in Rwanda, it means much more. Cow manure fertilises the soil. This helps grow vegetables and good quality coffee beans that people can sell, earning a vital income. Our Ikawa n’Inka project is aiming to change the lives of nearly 30,000 people in some of the poorest parts of rural Rwanda.

Download your FREE African Coffee Break pack, including fundraising guide for your virtual event.
Three simple steps to holding your African Coffee Break:

1. Set a date and time for your virtual African Coffee Break! Invite friends and family to join you by email or social media.

2. Set up your video call! Whether you choose to meet via Zoom, Skype or Facetime, get together online to enjoy your coffee break. Why not download our online resources for some inspiration from Africa.

3. Donate! At the very end of your coffee break, please encourage your guests to donate what they would have spent on enjoying a coffee out to support Rwandan coffee farmers.

TOP TIP: The price of an average latte is £2.60 Guests can donate here and select African Coffee break from the donation drop down menu.

Watch our video to find out why your support means so much

Bring some upbeat African atmosphere to your event by listening to our playlist!

Here's just a few examples of how your fundraising event will help the coffee farmers we work with:


Could pay for a gardening kit for a peer farmer trainer, so they can help coffee farmers in their community


Could provide the necessary seeds, materials and training for ten families to grow a sustainable supply of coffee plants


Could support a community group with the training, seeds and materials to build a shared coffee tree nursery