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Find out about challenge events, regular giving, philanthropy, gifts in Wills and even free ways to support us!


  • Celebrate life with Send a Cow

    Marking significant milestones with friends and family is one of the joys of life. By choosing to support Send a Cow through your celebration you will not only be sharing your joy with loved ones but...

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  • Events

    Taking part in an event, or holding your own for Send a Cow allows you to conquer a personal goal, have fun and do something amazing for families in Africa. Your options are not limited to...

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  • Become a Farmhand

    Give struggling farmers a hand up. Give just £10 a month and you will help more people in Africa to farm their way out of poverty. Across rural Africa, many farming families have a daily struggle...

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  • Give for Free

    Support Send a Cow without it costing you a penny! We have teamed up with various companies who provide innovative ways of supporting Send a Cow at absolutely no extra cost to you. Give as you Live You...

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  • Leave a gift in your Will

    When you are blessed with a good life, its only natural to want to pass something on to the people you love, by providing for them in your Will.  But imagine how wonderful it would be...

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  • Philanthropy

    Talk to our Partnerships Team about making a significant personal gift.

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  • Ambassadors

    Send a Cow could not do what it does without our network of volunteer Ambassadors. As part of this vibrant community, you’ll play a vital role in raising awareness about our work. And we’re convinced you’ll...

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