Coronavirus has affected us all, and communities are coming together to fight it. Although many fundraising events have been cancelled, you can still take on a 2.6 Challenge and help communities in rural Africa to stop the spread.

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Take part in The 2.6 Challenge for Send a Cow!

With many fundraising events currently postponed, the 2.6 Challenge is taking place on 26 April, the original date of the London Marathon, and is your chance to help raise millions for the Nation’s charities which are struggling at this time.

Whether you choose to run 2.6 miles, bake 26 cupcakes or dance in your living room for 26 minutes, the funds you raise will support Send a Cow’s response to Coronavirus in rural Africa.

How do I take part?

Anyone of any age can take part – and any money you raise will go towards supporting Send a Cow at this unprecedented time for families living in rural Africa

1.Choose how you’re going to complete your 2.6 Challenge

Let your imagination run wild and be as creative as you can. You can interpret the figure as 26 or 2.6 and your event should ideally take place on or around 26th April.

Here’s a few ideas:
  • Run, walk or cycle 2.6 miles as part of your daily exercise
  • Bake 26 delicious cupcakes
  • Hold a living room disco and dance for 26 minutes
2. Set up a Just Giving page and get fundraising.
3. Spread the word!

Let friends and family know about your 2.6 challenge and share your Just Giving page so they can sponsor you.

How your 2.6 challenge will transform lives in rural Africa

Raising £60 could help train a family to build a tip tap, take advantage of rainwater harvesting and build a clean latrine.

Tip Taps are ingenious African handwashers that help a family to wash their hands safely.  

Sylvia washing her hands under tip tap

Give training to a family and the materials to harvest rainwater on their own land.

Lontia and her rainwater harvesting tank

Help equip a family with the knowledge and skills to build a simple yet clean latrine.

Clean Latrine
Thank you for your support and good luck with your 2.6 Challenge! 

Set up your fundraising page 

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