Send a Cow | Domothile

Domothile Niyonzima

Domothile lives in the Mwaro province of Burundi with her husband and five children. Her family first encountered real hardship when their livestock died. This not only left them with very little income from produce, but left them with a shortage of manure.

Now the family struggle to grow crops as they cannot afford manure to fertilise the soil. Both she and Jerome, her husband, rely on intensive manual labour to earn enough money to feed their family.

“Sometimes we don’t eat for the whole day and the children go to bed with an empty stomach.”

Only two of her children are attending school, as they have no extra money to pay for fees, uniform and equipment. One of her sons had to drop out of school as he struggled to concentrate on an empty stomach.

Domothile is hopeful that her situation will improve. She has heard about farmers in neighbouring hills who are working with Send a Cow and thriving.

"Now their children don't get kwashiorkor (severe malnutrition) because they have milk. If people can help us like them, we would be able to get a better life."

We want to start a new project in Burundi, helping farmers just like Domothile to make the most of their land and provide for their families.