Dionésie Kiwizera

"No one would like to fall back in life - everyone wants to advance in life. To get there we need to work, I want to work, but I need the means to make it happen." - Dionésie

Dionésie lives in Burundi, a country recently listed as both the hungriest and unhappiest country in the world. She lives with her husband Gilbert and their four children.

Every day, Dionésie and Gilbert struggle to provide for their children. They harvest a small crop of maize from their land, but it’s not enough to feed a family of six. Gilbert is forced to labour on other people’s land, but the family are still hungry.
They’ve recently adopted another child: an orphan named Pacifique. They’re willing to share what little they have with somebody who has nothing.

"With a family like ours we don’t have enough space to sleep. We are also hungry. We do agriculture but we don’t harvest because we don’t have enough means to buy seeds or get manure. Even if we have a small piece of land, if it’s fertilized it would be able to sustain agriculture activities. The other issue is the health care because when one of our children is sick we are not able to bring them to the hospital. These are the major issues we face."

"We want our children to prosper in the future. We want them to have an education."

"We only eat when we are able to labour on the land for someone. If we are able to get food during the day we eat it. But most of the time we only eat at night because during the day we are busy working on someone else's land.

No one can be hopeful if they don’t have something they can hope in. But, now that we are working together, we believe that you will support us, as you came to visit us, God will help us, and we will work and be hopeful."

You could help malnourished families like Dionésie’s get started on a new project in Burundi. You will empower families to get the most from their most precious resource: the soil beneath their feet.