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Send a Cow has a special relationship with Uganda as it was the extreme poverty experienced by its citizens which encouraged the charity to launch in 1988. Our response to a devastating civil war and years of unrest was to send cows from the UK so families could start rebuilding their lives.

Absolute poverty levels (those living on less than $2 dollars a day) are currently estimated at just under a quarter of the population – 24%. That means over 9 million people are unable to access basic necessities of life such as food, clean water, clothing and shelter needed to survive.

Uganda has been widely recognised as carrying out a determined campaign against the spread of HIV/AIDs which has seen rates drop. However, the epidemic has left many orphans behind. Therefore, our projects include support for families who have taken in orphaned children, and child-headed households.

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“I am now a teacher in the community. I teach other orphaned children about good behaviour, keeping clean, growing vegetables around their homes and helping their parents. But more importantly, I have managed to fend for my siblings. "
Kasiita Ugandan Orphans Project, Rakai, Uganda

Our Impact

In three out of every four households, women and men are now equal partners in making decisions about how to use the family’s land, and how to share workloads within the family.
97% of women now feel more respected.
Girls in Send a Cow supported households are seven times more likely to attend university than the national average.