Woman using a tip tap

Coronavirus – Our Response

Coronavirus is affecting us all. We have seen how quickly it can travel through society; crossing borders and infecting without compromise. 

It is imperative that we act now to slow and stop the spread of this fatal virus. Here at Send a Cow we are focussing our work to protect the vulnerable communities of rural Africa. Communities who lack the knowledge, resources and infrastructure to be able to keep their families safe. In these areas, it is not just the virus that is feared; it is the longer-term impacts 

What will happen to the farmer who is unable to plant in their field as the supply of seeds has stopped?

Or the family who no longer has an income as the markets are closed? Or those with disabilities who rely on others, but are now no longer able to reach out to them? 

Our approach is two-fold.

First, we are increasing our WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) work. This includes training on Tip Taps – an ingenious way to wash hands when you have no running water. We are also using radio broadcasts and mobile phone technology to break down stigma and misinformation and ensure that no-one is left behind. 

Second, and just as important, we are working with thousands of families to ensure they can be self-sufficient. So they don’t need to travel and interact with others for work or food. So that they can look after their children at home. So that they have seeds to plant this growing season.

And so that when this crisis is over, they will be in a strong and healthy position to build their own futures from the land. 

We need everyone to know how to protect themselves and others. Help us to reach the most vulnerable and ensure that coronavirus has nowhere else to go.

Just £60 could help train a family to build a tip tap, take advantage of rainwater harvesting and build a clean latrine. 

Tip Taps are ingenious African handwashers that help a family to wash their hands safely.  

Woman washing hands under tip tap
Give training to a family and the materials to harvest rainwater on their own land.
Lontia and her rainwater harvesting tank

Help equip a family with the knowledge and skills to build a simple yet clean latrine.

Woman outside clean latrine