Caren and family

Watering the future


Since our founding in 1988 we have strived to help families in Africa to break down the barriers that stand in the way of their prosperity.

Our Watering the Future project is no different. By removing the barrier of dirty water and by creating water harvesting solutions, families in the Kakrao region of Western Kenya are less likely to contract diseases, their farms and livestock are able to thrive and they can look to a brighter future, free from poverty.

Caren Adhiambo is a grandmother from Kenya who is HIV positive. Caren was struggling to keep herself and her grandchildren healthy because of a lack of clean water.

In November I had the great pleasure of meeting Caren and her family on a trip I made to the Watering the Future project. As we arrived at Caren’s farm, a group of people walked towards us singing and dancing to welcome us. Titus, the Send a Cow Kenya Country Director, introduced me to Caren and asked if I recognised her. I remembered seeing pictures of Caren when we started sharing stories from Kakrao but everyone’s faces looked so different to those I had seen in photographs.

Over the next hour, Caren introduced me to her oldest son who translated for us, showed me around her garden, and shared her story. She said that Send a Cow had given her strength she didn’t think she had. I am sure that the reason I didn’t recognise her from the photos is because of the joy and inner confidence that now shows on her face.

Through the Watering the Future project Caren’s house is being fitted with a rooftop rainwater capture system. She does not live near a natural water source and so has previously had to make long journeys for water. With the rainwater capture system, she'll be able to use fresh rainwater to drink and use on her farm and store water for the dry months of the year. This will make a dramatic difference to Caren and her family.

You could help more people like Caren to be healthier, eat well and to lift themselves out of poverty.