Royal Parks runners outside Buckingham Palace

Tips on running for charity in 2021: what you need to know


Charity running events are fun ways to challenge yourself and promote a fit and healthy lifestyle while making a meaningful impact in 2021. There are plenty of real-life public events you can sign up for, or you can take a look at digital events too.

Whatever you decide to get involved with, just know all of the money you raise has a meaningful impact and during 2021, you can make such a huge difference to people’s lives. So, when you’re doing your early morning run before working from home, or an extra jog at the weekend, you can be assured all your fundraising efforts are well worth it. 

Decide on a cause you’re passionate about

There are so many great causes out there and when there are plenty of charities making a difference, it can be difficult to know who to raise money for. Do some research and see which cause you are most passionate about and what difference your fundraising efforts can make. Choosing a cause that you can put your heart and soul into is sure to motivate you even more and will ensure you reach your goal, especially if you’re embarking on a longer project.

Here at Send a Cow, we help people across six countries in rural Africa. Our initiatives help farmers grow themselves out of poverty, kick-start businesses to give their families a brighter future. From supporting the families of coffee farmers to growing orchards, you can get involved in a few of our many projects.

Look for charity and challenges

With Covid restrictions now relaxed, there are many real-life charity events happening, so sign up to ensure you don’t miss out. One of the most visually stunning and fun marathons has to be the Royal Parks Half Marathon, which takes you through four of London's eight Royal Parks, as well as famous landmarks. You can see the route here.

As well as traditional running events, many UK charities have set up virtual charity runs in 2021 that you can still participate in when staying safe and staying home. Clocking up the miles in your own time and still keeping fit and raising money for fantastic causes. Digital events let you work around working from home, family life, and your own schedule, making them very accessible to everyone. Want to fundraise your own way? Download our Do Your Own Thing Guide for inspiration.

Decide on a good training plan

Whether this is the first marathon you will ever be running or you’ve got a few under your belt, it won’t be a surprise that a good training plan is always needed. Because half marathons are such a lengthy distance, your body needs to adjust to this by slowly building up your fitness gradually over a longer period of time. To help you get there, get researching fitness plan you like the look of and keep these tips in mind:

  • Scale your runs, start at a smaller distance then build it up
  • Mix up the tempo, make some runs quick and others below your race pace
  • Include cross-training, this can be cycling or swimming
  • Factor in rest days, resting your body will make it stronger
  • Stretching is essential and often prevents injury

Get others involved by being vocal online 

You never run a half marathon alone, so whether you are doing a digital event or have signed up for one in person, shout about it online. Charity marathons are something you should be proud of and tweeting about it or posting your training on Instagram will only get more people behind your fundraising efforts.

Being vocal online is also extra important because everyone has been home so much this past year. Being present online gives people a chance to reach out, get involved, make a difference while helping out your fundraising efforts as well. 

What projects are we raising money for?

Sponsorship raised from taking part in the Royal Parks Half and Bath Half Marathon could provide life-changing hygiene training and skills for families, as part of Send a Cow's continuing response to coronavirus in rural Africa. Send a Cow training enables families to build a tip-tap for handwashing, clean latrines for sanitation, and rainwater harvesting.

Sign-up for half marathon charity events 

Here at Send a Cow, we have places for keen runners at the Royal Parks Half Marathon 2021 on the 10th October, the Bath Half Marathon 2022 on the 13th March and a host of other events if you're looking for other ways to challenge yourself in a different way.

To find out how you can get involved in our charity half marathons you can sign-up today, or contact us if you have any further questions.