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Seven sustainable alternatives to your Black Friday splurge


It can be hard to escape the noise of Black Friday ‘deals’ online, but at Send a Cow we want to make it easier for you to have a sustainable festive season.

Here’s some helpful suggestions for life-changing gifts to replace your Black Friday Splurge...

Smart Speaker/Headphones

Do you need a new piece of equipment to wake up in the morning? How about gifting a cockerel to a family instead, who will not only wake them up on time – but provide farmers with baby chicks and eggs too!

Cockerel - £5

 Washing machine

Are you struggling to hear yourself think over the noise of the washing machine in your kitchen-office? Just imagine how difficult it is to get on with your day when you don’t have access to something as basic as a clean toilet! In fact, more people in the world have a mobile phone than have access to a flushing toilet. For just £22 you could provide a family with the tools and training to build a clean latrine and protect themselves from water-borne diseases such as cholera.

Clean Latrine - £22

New TV

We’ve all noticed how kids are spending more time in front of screens than they used to. Give your kids a reason to get outside by not buying that new TV this year and instead taking them to your nearest tree-climbing spot! And while you’re at it, did we mention that trees help farmers in rural Africa to combat climate change AND feed their families three nutritious meals per day?

Top Notch Tree - £21

Coffee Machine

Early morning coffees are essential when gearing up to another long day working from home. Having an instant coffee machine to do the job for you makes life even easier.

But what about people for whom selling coffee beans is their livelihood?

For £10, you can support coffee farmers in Rwanda by ensuring they have the training and resources they need to transform their lives and provide a sustainable income for their families. Adopting new techniques such as composting, mulching and rainwater harvesting will earn families a better income from their coffee sales.

Life-changing Coffee - £10

Smart watch

Gadgets are created to make our lives simpler...if you can figure out how to use them! Give a farming family access to garden gadgets and training so their crops will grow strong, and they can say with confidence that their family will not go hungry this year.

Garden Gadgets - £7

Slow cooker

It’s no good having lots of nutritious vegetables in your larder if you don’t know how to cook a balanced meal with them! Help mothers in rural Africa to learn new recipes, incorporating new vegetables, so that they can give their children the best possible start in life.

Cookery class - £18

Vacuum cleaner

Chances are that your carpet is getting a lot of wear and tear this year - and let’s not think about all the muddy boots on your once-white floor. But have you stopped to think about the incredible properties of mud? Healthy soil can store more carbon and absorbs water like a sponge, helping to make crops more resilient. Support families to protect and regenerate their soil, so that they can continue to grow bumper crops for years to come.

Marvellous Mud - £7

How to get all these gifts home? - ‘Grow the future’ shopping bag

Grow the future bag - £10

Bought all your gifts already? You can #ReGreen your feed