David Bragg Send a Cow

New podcast with David Bragg, Founding Farmer


David Bragg was one of the two original founding farmers of Send a Cow, who had the grand idea to send cows to Africa 30 years ago.

David was 36 at the time and running a dairy farm with his father in Devon. He heard about a group of Cornish farmers who sent 20 heifer calves over to India and thought "what a great idea."

David met with Anthony Bush, who had been having similar ideas of sending cows. They sought out a group of like-minded farmers and made plans to send the first cows over to Uganda. Before long, David found himself on a plane with the cows:

"I'd never flown in a jet engine before. So, my first experience of a white bodied jet was with cattle. It was a fascinating experience when you're coming in to land. As the plane dips, the condensation that had come from the animals breathing runs all the way down and drops off where you're sitting. The second time I went up with a volunteer, she put her umbrella up!"

Hear more incredible stories from David in our latest podcast: